Our Philosophy

Clem Onojeghuo

Why to Choose Us

We got tired of doing nothing about the imminent threat to our planet. So we decided

To make earth cleaner, greener and a better place to live in for all.​

How We're Going About It?

Our farmers grow hemp with zero pesticides or fertilizers, ‘cause guess what, hemp just grows like that!'

We procure the raw hemp and process it with maximum care and zero harmful elements.

We are integrating superfood and super fabric manufacturing in the mainstream world economy.

Image by Derek Thomson

Because We Care

With every purchase you make, you change the lives of countless women employed by us.

Because Your Wish In our Command

We provide customized everything that you can think of. Just drop us an email to fulfill it.

Because We Are Responsible

Negligible carbon footprint & ethical sourcing
We aim to give back to nature more than we take from her.