Our Story

CAFOCO was born in Calcutta after a raging pandemic in 2021 April, by three Calcuttans driven by their passion for good clean nutrition.

The idea behind building CAFOCO was to make chemical-free nutrition available to all at affordable rates. So much so that such holistic nutrition could ever hope to become a staple in every household in the next 10 years.

Initially, the three masterminds came together to provide all the Calcuttans with real nutrition. The initiators wanted to come up with such a source of protein which not only would help vegetarians and non-vegetarians but also vegan people to achieve their health goals. So, they brainstormed a lot and finally brought the first-ever hemp edibles in India.


Cafoco has since then come up with products that are both nutritious and tasty at the same time. Within just a year Cafoco has made its place in the dining rooms of many households. All our food products are kid-friendly, delicious and contain real natural protein and nutrition. 

Reg. Address: 174/17A, NSC BOSE ROAD, KOLKATA 700040

Works: Mandir Lane, Rail Gate No. 6, Saptagram, Birati - 700051

Our Mission

To provide natural chemical free nutrition via HEMP & other Superfood nutritional products in their sustainable alternative form at a fair price & highest of quality.

Our Vision

To be the foremost supplier of natural nutritional products.

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About The Team


An introvert with an adventure sports & pharmaceutical career background, he is an expert at ensuring everything works smoothly. A man of few words, he uses his perfectionism for the best of the Company & is always working and when he isn’t his head is buzzing about thinking up better and newer ideas for the Company.


A baker by passion, a total foodie and an artist by profession. He brings to the Company the sweetness we all need. He is the go-to for all our production and R&D needs and more. Amidst all this, his creativity comes in super-handy with DIYs and photography.



A lawyer by profession, an out-and-out extrovert and an even bigger foodie, she has travelled the globe and indulged in cuisines. she is responsible for all communications, marketing and compliances and is the go-to person in the Company for anything and everything. Have a problem? She’ll figure out a way to solve it.