If you are an athlete, you must be very conscious about your health. An athlete should never compromise with his or her health condition in order to remain fit so that he or she can perform well and give his or her 100% in the upcoming competition. Many people look up to you and get inspiration from your achievements. So, being an athlete, it is your primary duty to keep yourself fit and composed. But wait; are you aware of hemp protein and CBD oil? Yes, it is a source of real nutrition and is one of the best items to add to the daily diet chart of not only a normal person or child but of an athlete too. Before you start consuming hemp products, you must be acquainted with the usage of hemp seeds and oils.

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What are hemp protein and CBD oil?

Both hemp and CBD oil are products of a cannabis plant named Cannabis sativa. Yes, you read it right, these plant-based proteins and oils come from the same plant that is used to make marijuana. When you smoke marijuana, it makes you high as it is a psychoactive drug or a mind-altering one also you may call it. Now, you may ask, why you should consume hemp or CBD oil. What are the side effects and medicinal uses of hemp? All these are quite common questions that may come to your mind after you come to know that both marijuana and hemp are products of the same plant. Hemp protein is a non-psychoactive variety that comes from Cannabis Sativa and it is extremely beneficial to human health. Hemp is also a completely vegan food that anybody can consume. As vegan people do not consume any kind of animal protein, hemp can be a source of plant-based protein. Cafoco, a Kolkata (Calcutta) based company has experts associated with it who have come up with first-ever hemp edibles in India.

CBD or cannabidiol is also a product of the Cannabis Sativa plant. Athletes, who participate in high-impact movements or intense exercises, can be benefited if they start using CBD oil. Most athletes do not prefer to use artificial products and they should not use them as those may have a diverse effect on their body and fitness. CBD oil and hemp protein are great sources of natural relief. CBD oils can easily treat pains. There are numerous hemp seeds benefits and nutritional facts, and CBD is also no exception. But an expert of Cafoco advises not to use CBD products without consulting a doctor, especially when it comes to athletes. There are certain physical issues that are not suitable for consuming hemp seeds and oils and you must be aware of those before you start consuming the same.

Cafoco does not sell any product that makes you high; Cafoco only has hemp products that are necessary for your health and well-being.

hemp for sport and gym
hemp for sport and gym

CBD oil and athletes

Athletes have to work really hard and put a lot of stress on their bodies. They involve themselves in intensive training so that the stress can stimulate their adaptation capability and increase their capacity to perform even better. But these routines include physical trauma. Athletes also get injuries and pain during their high-intense training and competitions. So, what should they do when they get injuries? Should they stop performing? No, that can never be an option. So, the only option is to consume some medicines that can help them overcome the pain and perform better. But these medicines may have side effects that may make the athletes ineffective or may hamper their strength in the long run. There have been cases, where an athlete had taken shelter under some pain management and finally he died. Obviously, you do not want any of these situations to occur. So, the best option is to take shelter under CBD oils in order to get instant relief from pain with minimal short-term side effects.


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Benefits of using CBD

Besides hemp, the superfood, CBD oils also have numerous benefits. In the previous blogs, you have known how to eat hemp seeds, but in this blog let us consider the benefits of using CBD oil.

  • A pain reliever: CBD oil works the best when it comes to relieving unmanageable pain. Unlike other pain relievers, this oil does not affect the systemic issue. CBD oil works in a more localized manner so that only the affected area gets treated. As CBD oil works more directly, it has a more pronounced effect as said by an expert.

  • Ease diabetic complications: CBD helps people reduce the effects of high glucose levels. As a result, it helps you give away diabetic complications.

  • Inhibit arthritis symptoms: If you get affected by arthritis, the health of certain tissues of your body deteriorates. This condition makes your joints stiff and causes loss of motion. CBD oil targets the area of pain and improves joint functions also.

  • Anxiety and depression: Using CBD oil helps you have control over your anxiety and depression also.

So, athletes, do not wait any further and switch to hemp seeds and CBD oils; lead a better as well as healthier life.

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