Hemp protein for weight loss

If you are trying to cut down on your extra kilos for a long time and are in search of a hack that will satisfy your requirements, then you must try hemp protein for weight loss.

Before knowing about the contributions of hemp protein powder for weight loss, we need to discuss why overweight is grasping the world day by day. Obesity is the mother of all deadly diseases and the main reason why people are getting affected by the same is their food habits. We live in a digital world where we need everything fast. This digital world has provided us with the entire world within our palm and the device that never stays apart from us is a mobile phone. Don’t you agree? Mobile phones are a solution to everything nowadays, be it a cab booking, or renting a flat, or finding the best restaurant near you, or knowing what’s happening around the world. One mobile in hand can help you with everything that you need for hassle-free living. But have you noticed that mobile phones have stolen our patience too? As a result, we do not feel like cooking and eating, we prefer to eat packaged ready to eat food items and there lies the problem


Previously, our parents and grandparents would make delicious food for us at home with nutritious and healthy ingredients but today, this fast-growing world does not give us the free time to do so. We all are busy either rushing to the office every day or are stuck with the work from home concept. We do not have time to spend with ourselves. You may ask why it is like that. You may even think that after office you spend time with yourself, you surf the internet, listen to music, scroll the news feed on Facebook. But are you really spending time with yourself? How did you spend time in the era when there was no mobile phone or internet connection? You used to experiment with your cooking ability and what not. Alas! This daily developing world does not allow us to go back to that time and lead a healthier life like before. This is why obesity is almost in every house and people rush to the gym and to the dietitians for getting a diet chart that will make them thin. But did you know that hemp protein is a great option for weight loss? Yes, you read it right. Now, in this blog, you will realize how good hemp products are for your health.

Hemp is extracted from the marijuana plant but it does not make you high and helps you lead a better and healthier life than before. There are numerous nutritional benefits in hemp and it is a source of complete plant-based proteins. Hemp has a negligible amount of THC (less than 0.3%) which is not enough to provoke any psychological effect, so you can tension-freely consume the products made with hemp. And guess what, it is completely legal and advised for consumption by physicians.

Hemp seed energy bars


Now, let us delve into the main topic that how good hemp protein is for weight loss.

  • Hemp seeds in building muscle mass:

Research says that it has become essential to consume hemp powder for weight loss and proper protein intake. The plant-based protein called hemp offers nine essential amino acids that are extremely important for your body to remain in sync. So, you may easily dump your expensive protein powder and replace the same with Cafoco’s hemp powder. The best part is that vegetarian and vegan people can also consume the same as a source of protein intake.

  • Hemp is capable of boosting your metabolism and aid weight loss:

Consumption of fish oil along with a high-fat diet significantly helps one cut down on extra kilos. But can everyone digest fish oil? Is it possible for a vegan or a vegetarian person to opt for the same? Of course not, but there is a plan B that can be availed of by anyone and everyone. Hemp is the replacement for fish oil and the best part is that it is also capable of increasing metabolism like that of fish oil. Increased metabolism obviously contributes to one’s weight loss.

  • The good fat and hemp protein for weight loss:

Hemp seeds and hemp powder, both are rich in essential fatty acids that provide your body with good fat. Alpha-linolenic acid (ALA) is an omega-3. Hemp is low in saturated fat and does not contain any trans fat. So, hemp is the hack you have been looking for in order to lose your extra kilos.

  • Keto diet and hemp:

If you mix three tablespoons of hemp seeds with your meals or favourite smoothie, you will consume only 2 grams of carbs, can you imagine? Moreover, the mild and nutty flavour will definitely win your taste buds and satisfy your hunger. So, hemp powder for weight loss is a perfect way out.

So, if you are trying to cut down on your carbs intake, for losing extra weight, hemp protein will be your best pick. Cafoco, the brainchild of three young Calcuttans, has come up with not only hemp seeds and proteins but have also introduced the first-ever hemp edibles in India. These superfoods are kid-friendly products too. So, switch to hemp products manufactured by Cafoco and lead a happier and healthier life.

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