Veganism vs. vegetarianism – is everything in moderation better for you?

Updated: Mar 5


A vegan or a vegetarian never chooses to eat meat. Moreover, veganism involves some stricter rules and the believers of it neither consume nor use items that are derived from animal products. Vegans prohibit eggs, honey and dairy products also. Both veganism and vegetarianism are becoming more popular day by day and people are getting attracted to both these notions. But there is a more serious thing to think of. Where from do these people get animal protein or protein of that kind? Don’t their bodies need this type of protein to keep going hassle freely? Here comes the role of hemp seeds and oils. This blog will let you know how you can remain a vegan or a vegetarian and also get enough protein and nutrition at the same time by consuming real nutrition.

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Vegetarians do not consume products or byproducts that come out of animal slaughter. They eat vegetables, fruits and some of the byproducts such as eggs, dairy products like cheese, milk, yogurt and honey that do not cost the lives of animals. Hemp is a plant-based protein that a vegetarian can easily consume without harming their belief. It is a superfood that can help anybody’s health to remain in sync. Now, you may ask how to eat hemp seeds? The best option is to buy the first-ever hemp edibles in India that Cafoco has come up with. You can also add a spoon of hemp seeds to your favourite flavoured smoothie and enjoy a healthy yet tasty drink. You can have hemp seeds with your favourite salad also.


Vegetarianism is strict but veganism is stricter. People who are vegans consume neither animal products nor byproducts. They extend this principle beyond their food habits. Vegan people avoid using any product that involves animals directly or indirectly. They are against using animals for the benefit of humans. Food items that vegans do not consume are as follows:

● Poultry

● Meat

● Egg

● Fish and shellfish

● Honey

● Any dairy product

● Insects

● Fats or stock that is derived from animals

● Animal protein such as rennet, gelatin, etc.

Hemp seeds and hearts are vegan food items that do not indulge animal products. If you consider hemp seeds benefits and nutritional facts of the same, you will realize you do not even need animal protein to lead a healthier life. Hemp consists of a quite strong amino acid profile that provides you with benefits similar to an egg. You can’t find this protein in any of the conventional vegan food items. The young and enthusiastic team of Cafoco has come up with many food items made of hemp keeping all the social beliefs in mind.

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Usage of Hemp Milk

In the previous blogs, an expert from Cafoco has already explained how to eat hemp seeds and in this blog, you will get to know how you can consume hemp milk. You may consume hemp milk on its own or may also add it to hot and cold cereal, smoothies and baked goods.


So, it’s high time you switch to hemp seeds in order to lead a healthier life. This must be a piece of good news for all humans out there and especially for those who believe in vegetarianism or veganism. But make sure you go through all the side effects and medicinal uses of hemp before you start consuming the same. Hemp is a kid-friendly food item and that’s the greatest part above all. So, you do not need to worry about your kid’s protein intake anymore.

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