Why plant protein is better for you?

Switch to plant protein and lead a healthier life. Cafoco has come up with the first-ever hemp energy bars in India, which are both delicious and healthy. Hemp is a source of real nutrition.

Protein is one of the most important macronutrients for the human body. But, all types of food items do not contain an equal amount of protein. You must know that you do not require to consume all types of food in order to fulfil the need for protein in your body. You might not need that much protein for your body as much as you think. You just have to be wise enough while choosing the food items to shape your suitable diet with healthy proteins. Plant protein is a better choice than animal protein, says research.

What is protein?

Protein is very essential for the human body and it is found throughout one’s body. It can be found in the bones, muscles, hair, skin and every other body part and tissue. Protein contains amino acids which are also known as building blocks. Our body does not store amino acids but makes them in two ways. The body either makes it from scratch or modifies others. There are nine essential amino acids that are extremely important for the human body. The amino acids are as follows:

  • Histidine

  • Isoleucine

  • Leucine

  • Lysine

  • Methionine

  • Phenylalanine

  • Threonine

  • Tryptophan

  • Valine

You must eat such food items which can help you get the essential amino acids.


About HEMP

Hemp is extracted from the same plant from which weed or marijuana is extracted. The name of the plant is the cannabis plant. But if you think that hemp can make you high like that of weed then you are wrong. Yes, you read it right. You may think that hemp can be harmful to you or your child as it may make you high like weed does. But the reality is that THC is the ingredient present in marijuana that is responsible for making you high. The amount of THC present in hemp seeds and oils is negligible. The amount of THC found in hemp is not at all enough to make someone high. So, do not worry about getting high while consuming hemp. Hemp proteins are a great source of plant proteins and it also is the best source of all the nine essential amino acids. This is why hemp is the best option when it comes to plant-based protein

Why plant protein is better

You may think that only a diet filled with animal proteins can keep a person healthy but this is not the reality. Had this been the only truth, then how vegan people, as well as vegetarian people, are surviving? Do you find them weak or not enough strong like that of a non-vegetarian person? Yes, there are researches that have shown that a complete diet is incomplete without animal protein but on the contrary, there are also researches that have shown that there are plant-based proteins consuming which a person can be as strong as a person who consumes animal-based proteins. Now, why plant-based protein is better is an important topic that requires in-depth discussion. Doctors, at night, usually ask everyone to have a meal filled with vegetables because vegetables are quite easy to digest. Just like that, plant protein is also more digestible than animal protein. The sources of plant-based protein are more unsaturated and are responsible for lowering LDL cholesterol. Those do not contain any cholesterol be it good or bad. As a result, the person who lives on plant protein has a lesser risk of getting any heart disease than a person living on animal protein only.


About Cafoco

Cafoco, the brainchild of three young Calcuttans manufactures food items that are made of hemp. Hemp is a complete protein which means it consists of all the 9 amino acids needed for a human body to remain healthy. The young Calcuttans brainstormed a lot keeping all the needs of human beings in mind. Finally, they have come up with the first-ever hemp edibles in India. Hemp is the source of complete plant protein and real nutrition. It suffices both the needs of plant proteins and animal proteins in a human’s body. The hemp edibles, manufactured by Cafoco are both tasty and healthy. Those food items are kid-friendly also, which is the best part. Now, if your child makes faces when you give them healthy food to it, replace those nutritious foods with a hemp brownie or peanut butter spread and bread. They will love to have those and you will be tension free about your children’s protein and nutrition intake. So, switch to this simple choice of life today in order to lead a happier as well as healthier life. Being a complete plant-based protein food item, hemp can be consumed by vegan and vegetarian people also. Cafoco, also manufactures hemp seeds and powders. So, if you do not feel like consuming the edibles every day, you can also mix some hemp powder or seed with your favourite smoothie or juice and consume the same.

Hemp seed energy bars


Hemp Energy bars

Cafoco hemp energy bars are delicious and healthy at the same time. They have no added sugar and are rich in fibre and protein. Do you know what the best part is? It is dairy-free, which means not only vegetarians and non-vegetarians but also vegan people can consume these energy bars as a real source of plant-based protein and fibre. So, grab your favourite flavour now and start working on yourself to achieve a healthier year ahead.Switch to plant protein and lead a healthier life. Cafoco has come up with the first-ever hemp energy bars in India, which are both delicious and healthy. Hemp is a source of real nutrition.

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