Fuel your body.

Fuel your soul.

Cafoco is the first energy bar designed with 100% plant sourced ingredients without compromising on quality and nutrition.

  • Need snack for pre-workouts? Cafoco does the trick.
  • Going on a hike? Carry a Cafoco.
  • Got a snack craving? Cafoco saves the day!

Why Cafoco?

Our plant-based energy bites are made with five & fewer simple ingredients like real cocoa, premium cashews, Himalayan hemp powder, and Arabian dates.

It contains naturally occurring sources of protein, fibre, and nutrients, so you can incorporate more plant-based foods into your everyday routine.

Soooo good, you can't stop smiling.

Our bars are packed with healthy ingredients to provide you with the energy you need to get through the day.

These bite-sized energy treats taste sooo good that you wont be able to resist breaking out into a grin!

So why wait? Try one today and discover the taste of natural delicious energy.


Berry Bae

Are you looking for a sweet and sassy snack? This berry bar is what you need. It's like a superhero in a package that's packed with the strength to take on the entire world. Just be careful with the cape, it's a little difficult to swallow.


Candid Cocoa

Our energetic cocoa bar will give you a chocolatey boost, making it ideal for getting through long meetings or intense workouts. It's like a hug in a wrapper with a delightful mixture of organic ingredients!


Coffee Date

Get that buzz without the brew! Try our real coffee-infused energy bar! Packs a punch that'll jumpstart your day and get you over those blues. Made with a blend of rich flavours and natural ingredients, it's the perfect snacking choice.